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What Is Supported Living?

Supported living is a concept that was developed as an alternative to institutional care for people requiring support at home and brought into the UK in the 1990’s. The main principles of supported living are that people with the need for support own or rent their home and have control over the support they get, who they live with (if anyone) and how they live their lives. Supported living assumes that all people with the need for support, regardless of the level or type of disability, are able to make choices about how to live their lives even if the person does not make choices in conventional ways. Supported living has no legal definition but has a commonly accepted set of principles that are defined in the Reach Standards in Supported Living.

Key Principles

  • I choose who I live with

  • I choose where I live

  • I have my own home

  • I choose how I am supported

  • I choose who supports me

  • I get good support

  • I choose my friends and relationships

  • I choose how to be healthy and safe

  • I choose how to take part in my community

  • I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens

  • I get help to make changes in my life


Supported Living Solutions (NW) Ltd, believe that everyone has the right to live the life they want, both in their home and in their local community.  

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