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Q. Is it possible for me to sit down and discusss the support I am looking for with someone face to face?

A. Yes, we are happy for you to come into the office to discuss the requirements of the support you are looking for. Alternatively we are happy to come and meet you at a location that is suitable to you.

Q. Do SLS use external Agency Staff to cover support hours?

A. No, SLS recruit all our staff directly, we recognise the importance of the people we support and our staff being able to build familiar and trusting relationships. To enable us to do this we have a range of staff working on relief, part time and full time contracts.

Q. Can I be involved in the recruitment of staff?

A. Yes, SLS would encourage individuals and their families to be part of the interview process and we will support you to do this.

Q. Do your staff have driving licences?

A. If it is deemed that a driving licence is required to be able to support an individual to meet their needs we will set this as an expectation during the recruitment process.

Q. Are your staff fully DBS checked?

A. Yes, it is an expectation of SLS that all staff have a full enhanced current DBS check in place prior to starting with us.

Q. Do you pay your staff above the living wage?

A. Yes, SLS pay all their staff above living wage regardless of their age.

Q. Do you have fixed rates for the support that you provide?

A. No, SLS will look at each support package on an individual basis before we determine what the hourly rate for support would be.

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