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Dan Mcsherry

Director / Registered Manager

Alison Thompson

I started my career in Social Care in June 2006 working for a small agency that provided relief staff to Bolton Council Children’s service, as a residential social care worker.  I then joined a charity based in Stockport in 2008 and supported them with the setup and expansion of their adult Supported Living Services and Outreach Services. I progressed from community support worker, to senior support worker, to project leader, overseeing a number of supported living services in Bolton. In April 2012 I joined a new care provider as part of a restructure within Bolton adult supported living provision, I remained with them until September 2012 when I rejoined my previous employer as a Team Leader.  I then went on to be appointed as Operations Manager responsible for overseeing and developing all supported living services.  After a number of discussions with Alison and John in late 2014 we agreed to go into partnership to set up SLS, which we started in April 2015. Family and friends are a massive part of my life, and making a difference to enhance the lives of my colleagues and the people we support is what keeps me coming into work every day and looking forward to what lies ahead. My favourite hobby is carp fishing, something I have done since I was five years old. My favourite meal is Thai red curry (not too hot) and my favourite holiday destination is anywhere in France. If I could choose one mode of transport it would be the train and my favorite singer is Lionel Richie and my favourite band are the Foo Fighters.                  

Alison Thompson

Director / Secretary

John Thompson

After having James and Neil, and James being diagnosed with Autism, being a full time mum became my occupation.  My passion and desire to learn as much about James’s condition led me to participate in support groups, fundraise and share my experiences with other parents. This then led on to me voluntary working on a parent to parent helpline set up by the National Autistic Society and setting up Bolton Autism Action Group (BAAG).  Over recent years I have completed an undergraduate course in Principals and Working Practices for people with Autism at the University of Cumbria.  As a mother with a family I have faced the day to day challenges of having a son with a disability and the difficulties this can lead to if not supported and cared for correctly. My empathy to others and commitment to giving the best possible experiences is what drives me to ensure SLS provides the best possible care and support at all times.

I started up BID group Ltd (originally known as Bolton Industrial Doors), with Alison 30 years ago in 1985 the same year we got married, BID now employs over 100 people. My first son James was born in 1991 and my second son Neil in 1994. In 1995 James was diagnosed with Autism, since then I have gained experience and knowledge of how people should be supported to live a fulfilled life.  Being part of SLS will enable me to use my experience and insight into providing care and support to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. 

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John Thompson

Director / Chairman

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